101 TikTok Ideas for Backyard Chicken Keepers & Egg Sellers

Backyard chicken keeping has become an immensely popular hobby, offering a connection to nature and a source of fresh eggs for enthusiasts. TikTok is the perfect platform to share your chicken-keeping adventures with the world. In this blog, we’ll explore 100 creative TikTok reel ideas for backyard chicken keepers, helping you showcase your feathered friends, share tips, and entertain your audience.

watercolor chicken recording a tiktok with an iphone
  1. Meet the Flock: Introduce your chickens one by one with fun and quirky captions.
  2. Pack Orders with Me: Show your audience how you pack your eggs into the cartons, and any labeling or stamping that you do. Be sure to tag @theeggcartonstore cartons for added engagement!
  3. Chick Cam: Set up a chick-cam to capture adorable baby chicks hatching and growing.
  4. Chicken Chore Time: Film your daily chicken care routine, from feeding to cleaning.
  5. Egg Gathering Time-Lapse: Speed up the process of collecting eggs for a mesmerizing video.
  6. Chicken Coop Tour: Show off your coop’s design and layout, emphasizing its features.
  7. DIY Coop Upgrades: Share how you’ve improved your coop, from nest boxes to perches.
  8. Predator-Proofing Tips: Give tips on how to keep your flock safe from potential threats.
  9. Chicken Feeding Frenzy: Capture the excitement when you pour out their feed.
  10. Egg Artistry: Showcase beautifully decorated eggs.
  11. Chicken Breeds 101: Feature different chicken breeds and their unique characteristics.
  12. Egg Collection Song: Create a catchy tune while gathering eggs.
  13. Chicken Yoga: Film your chickens doing their unique “yoga” stretches.
  14. Chicken’s Eye View: Attach a tiny camera to a chicken’s back and see their perspective.
  15. Chicken Parade: Line them up and let them march in a fun parade.
  16. Egg Jenga: Balance as many eggs as possible for a nail-biting game.
  17. Chickens on a Swing: Build a chicken-sized swing for adorable videos.
  18. Name That Chicken: Showcase their quirky personalities and give each a fun name. Check out this blog with 100 name ideas for chickens.
  19. Molt Transformation: Document your chickens’ feather regrowth during molt.
  20. Chicken Concert: Record their morning crowing symphony.
  21. Egg Art Tutorial: Share a tutorial on how to decorate eggs.
  22. Egg Collection Dance: Groove to your favorite music while collecting eggs.
  23. Chick Hatching Time-Lapse: Show the miracle of a chick hatching from an egg.
  24. Chick Close-Up: Film extreme close-ups of your adorable chicks.
  25. Chicken Dust Bath: Show how your chickens enjoy their dust baths.
  26. Chick Playtime: Capture your baby chicks playing with toys.
  27. Broody Hen Drama: Document the dramatic brooding and hatching process.
  28. Hen vs. Rooster Challenges: Film friendly competitions between your chickens.
  29. Chicken Bloopers: Share the funny and clumsy moments of your flock.
  30. Chicken Artistic Skills: Showcase any talents your chickens may have.
  31. Chicken Birthday Party: Celebrate your chicken’s birthday with party hats and treats.
  32. Chicken Synchronized Eating: Record them eating together in perfect harmony.
  33. Chicken Bedtime Routine: Show how you tuck them in for the night.
  34. Scenic Chicken Grazing: Capture your chickens roaming freely in picturesque surroundings.
  35. Chicken Puzzles: Create fun puzzles and games for your chickens to enjoy.
  36. Chicken Fashion Show: Dress them up in cute costumes and parade them.
  37. Chickens Taste Test: See what your chickens prefer between different treats.
  38. Chicken DIY Toys: Demonstrate how to make toys for your chickens.
  39. Chicken Drumming Session: Drum on a bucket and see if your chickens respond.
  40. Chicken Egg Dance: Create a dance routine with egg props.
  41. Chicken Garden Party: Film your chickens exploring your garden.
  42. Egg Flip Challenge: Try to flip eggs without breaking them.
  43. Chicken Morning Greeting: Capture their excited greetings when you visit the coop.
  44. Chicken Races: Set up a racecourse and have a chicken race.
  45. Chicken Watermelon Feast: Share their excitement while enjoying watermelon.
  46. Funny Chicken Reactions: Record their hilarious reactions to random objects.
  47. Chickens at the Beach: Take your chickens to the beach for a unique adventure.
  48. Chicken Hide and Seek: Play a mini game of hide and seek with your chickens.
  49. Chicken Slow-Mo Run: Capture their run in slow motion for epicness.
  50. Chicken Storytime: Share a fun or educational story with your chickens.
  51. Chicken Home Security: Showcase how your chickens protect your property.
  52. Chicken in the Snow: Share their first experience with snow.
  53. Hen Lullabies: Sing them a gentle lullaby to calm them.
  54. Chickens at Bath Time: Film them taking a bath in a kiddie pool.
  55. Chicken in Costume: Dress your chickens in themed costumes and act out a scene.
  56. Chicken Art Gallery: Showcase artwork created by your chickens with paint.
  57. Egg Art Exhibition: Display and explain the artistry of decorated real or ceramic eggs.
  58. Chicken Storytime Part 2: Share a funny or engaging sequel to your chicken story.
  59. Chicken Trick Training: Teach your chickens simple tricks.
  60. Chicken Garden Harvest: Film them helping you with garden chores.
  61. Chicken Scavenger Hunt: Set up a mini scavenger hunt for your chickens.
  62. Chicken Karaoke: Sing your favorite songs with your chickens as the audience.
  63. Chicken Mystery Theater: Act out a short mystery scene with your chickens.
  64. Egg-cellent Cooking: Show how to make your favorite egg dish.
  65. Chicken Chick Flick: Create a mini movie with your chickens as stars.
  66. Chicken Sunrise/Sunset: Capture the beauty of your chickens against the sun.
  67. Chicken Mini Races: Organize mini obstacle races for your chickens.
  68. Chickens on a Picnic: Share a picnic with your chickens.
  69. Eggceptional Cooking Part 2: Share another egg-related recipe.
  70. Chicken Time Warp: Travel back in time to show how chickens have changed.
  71. Chickens as Superheroes: Dress them up as superheroes and create a storyline.
  72. Chicken Book Club: Film them gathered around as you read a book to them.
  73. Chicken Impersonations: Try mimicking your chickens’ sounds and behaviors.
  74. Chicken Gardening Tips: Offer gardening advice with your chickens.
  75. Chicken Water Ballet: Capture their graceful movements while in the water.
  76. Chicken Movie Night: Set up a mini theater for them to enjoy a film.
  77. Chicken Magic Show: Perform magic tricks with your chickens as your assistants.
  78. Egg Artistic Collaboration: Invite your chickens to “paint” with you.
  79. Chicken Dance Party: Throw a dance party in your coop.
  80. Chicken-Friendly Yoga: Incorporate your chickens into your yoga session.
  81. Chicken Band Performance: Create a “band” with your chickens and play music together.
  82. Chicken Training Part 2: Show their progress in learning tricks.
  83. Egg Art Gallery Opening: Host an art gallery opening for their creations.
  84. Chicken Costume Fashion Show: Showcase various costumes and outfits.
  85. Chicken Book Club Part 2: Continue your storytime series with your chickens.
  86. Egg-squisite Cooking Part 3: Share more delectable egg recipes.
  87. Chickens in Space: Create a space-themed adventure for your chickens.
  88. Chicken Winter Olympics: Organize a mini winter games competition.
  89. Chicken Spa Day: Pamper your chickens with spa treatments.
  90. Chicken Dog Show: Host a dog show with your chickens.
  91. Egg Art Workshop: Offer a DIY egg decorating tutorial.
  92. Chicken TikTok Challenge: Participate in popular TikTok challenges with your chickens.
  93. Chicken Parody Video: Create a parody of a famous movie or show with your chickens.
  94. Chicken Garden Tips Part 2: Share more gardening advice with your chickens.
  95. Egg Art Masterclass: Teach advanced egg decorating techniques.
  96. Chicken Marathon: Document your chickens’ daily activities from sunrise to sunset.
  97. Chicken Tea Party: Host an elegant tea party for your chickens.
  98. Egg Art World Tour: Explore different egg decorating styles from around the world.
  99. Chicken Cooking Show: Cook a meal using fresh eggs from your flock.
  100. Chicken Film Festival: Showcase a series of short films starring your chickens.
  101. Egg Art Showcase Finale: Host a grand finale showcasing the best egg art creations.
watercolor chicken and farmer in overalls recording a tiktok with an iphone

Why Use TikTok for Marketing Your Farm?

Creating short-form videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts can be immensely beneficial for businesses and marketing. These platforms offer a unique opportunity to engage with a vast and diverse audience, particularly among younger demographics, in a concise and visually captivating format. Short videos are easily shareable, increasing the potential for content to go viral, extending the reach of your brand. They allow for quick and creative storytelling, making it easier to convey your brand’s message, showcase products, and establish a strong online presence. The interactive nature of these platforms encourages user engagement, fostering a sense of community and customer loyalty. With their algorithm-driven content discovery, these short-video platforms also offer effective advertising and targeting options, making them valuable tools for increasing brand visibility and driving sales. In a fast-paced digital world, the ability to capture attention and convey a compelling message in a short time frame is a key asset for any business looking to thrive in the competitive landscape of online marketing.

Backyard chicken keepers have an abundance of opportunities to create engaging and entertaining TikTok content that showcases their beloved feathered friends. From documenting daily routines to dressing up chickens and hosting mini events, these 100 TikTok reel ideas will surely make your channel cluck-tastic and egg-citing for viewers from all around the world. Happy TikToking, and may your chicken adventures bring joy to the online community!