Recently, you may have noticed the term ‘rainbow walk’ popping up on your Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok feed. After seeing cartons filled with flowers and colorful items, you may want to take one yourself! But what exactly are rainbow walks, and how do you go about taking one? We’ll ~walk~ you through everything you need to know about rainbow walks in this blog.

What is a Rainbow Walk?

A rainbow walk is a mindful activity you can do alone or with friends and family. The goal of a rainbow walk is to focus on one sense (sight) in order to better ground yourself and live in the moment.

Rainbow walks are especially fun for younger children, almost like a scavenger hunt.

How to Go on a Rainbow Walk?

1.Take a walk around your neighborhood, a local park, or even just your own backyard

Go wherever you think you’ll find the most colorful items!

2. Look for objects in the colors of the rainbow in order

For example: a red flower, an orange veggie, a yellow dandelion, and so on.

3.Collect them and place them in your egg carton for safe keeping! The goal is to find an item of every color of the rainbow. You can take multiple walks to fill your carton, or collect everything all in one go!

What Materials Do You Need for a Rainbow Walk?

Rainbow walks don’t require much! All you need is an egg carton to collect your colorful finds.

If you want to make it extra fancy, download this free printable to remind yourself which colors go where!