Every chicken breed has that something special, and these 5 are no exception! While some chickens are prized for their egg laying ability or temperament, these hens are most known for their soft and fluffy exterior. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most common fluffy chicken breeds that are loved by backyard chicken keepers.

1. Silkies

When you think of fluffy chickens, you think of silkies! This beautiful breed has long, fluffy feathers. Their heads are often so fluffy you can barely see their eyes.

Known for their calm and loving demeanor, silkies are one of the best ‘pet’ breeds. Their gentle nature and desire to be cuddly with humans is irresistibly cute!

2. Frizzle

Frizzle chickens live up to their name, with long, frizzled/ curly feathers. They tend to look like they’ve recently experienced electric shock, with their feathers appearing to stand on their own.

Similar in temperament to the Silkie (they are usually a mix of silkie, polish, or cochin chickens), they make for wonderful and cuddly pets.

3. Cochin

Another breed that’s as friendly as it is fluffy, cochins are beloved in the backyard chicken keeping community. A heritage breed, cochins are significantly larger than frizzles and silkies, averaging 6-8 pounds. Their kind and motherly temperament makes them a favorite for keeping as pets.

4. Orpington

One of the best egg layers on this list, Orpingtons are fluffy little superstars. Peaceful, quiet, and kind, these smaller birds really pack a punch.

They’ve got quite a bit of plumage, and plenty of fluff to boot!

5. Faverolle

The final breed on this list, Faverolles are the most different from all the rest. Faverolles are not as gentle as their other fluffy companions, though they’re certainly not a rude or aggressive breed. You will, however, find that they are curious, talkative, and maybe a little noisy.