Tips for Advertising Eggs with Yard Signs

Interested in purchasing yard signs for your farm business, but not sure where to start? This quick guide will give you insight into the best practices for yard sign advertising.

Put Your Yard Sign in Areas That You Would Expect Your Ideal Customer to Visit

The best way to find new customers is to meet them where they’re at. Think about your customers. Are they active, do they have children, what interests do they have? If they have children, try placing signs near public parks. If your ideal customer is more active, try and place a sign near a gym or recreation center.

Mapping out the qualities that your customers are most likely to have will help you find ideal places for your signage.

Make Your Yard Sign Clear and Succinct

While it can be tempting to fill every inch of your yard sign with information about your business, try to refrain from making it too wordy. Focusing on the key message you want to communicate will help your customers better understand your advertising efforts.

Experiment with Different Locations

Don’t just set it and forget it! Try moving your signs around every once in a while and seeing if there is an uptick in traffic based on where your signs are located. Don’t be scared to ask customers where they found out about your business – this kind of information is incredibly valuable!

Figure out Your ‘Why’

In order to make the most of your signage, try figuring out the ultimate goal of why you are advertising. See the 3 most common goals with yard signs below.

Marketing: This is the most common goal with yard signs, simply to market your business and more customers! Try having a simple call to action like ‘Fresh Eggs: Call or Text for Prices’ or something along those lines, along with an easy way to reach you via phone or email.

Promotional: Have a sale going for your eggs? A special deal for customers who return their egg cartons? Consider advertising these perks on your yard sign(s) to draw customers in and encourage them to inquire further.

Informational: Want to share more general information about your business? This is best for people wanting to share general information like where your business is located or what your store hours are. Especially helpful for businesses just getting started who may not be known of by the general community.

Check Your Local Laws and Regulations

Every location is a little bit different, so it’s always safest to check what your local area allows. Make sure that you are legally allowed to place your yard signs in your planned locations.

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