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The Top 10 Cutest Chicken Breeds to Add to Your Flock

Want to know the cutest chicken breeds you can add to your flock? Check out this list of the 10 most adorable chook breeds.

1. Sebright

These teeny-tiny birds have the most gorgeous lacing on their wings. They are not ideal for egg producers, as they only lay about 60 eggs a year. If you are interested in a very sweet pet bird, though, the Sebright is for you!

2. Silkie

This fluffy breed is irresistibly cute. Soft, cuddly, and kind, silkies are an ideal backyard pet. They also make excellent mothers if you ever decide to hatch some chicks of your own!

3. Belgian d’uccle

This breed is small in stature, but their fluffy feet are showstopping! They come in a variety of colors, and every single one is a joy to look at. This kind little breed is a great colorful addition to your flock!

4. Frizzle

This breed’s name is nearly as adorable as their frizzled feathers. As crazy as those fluffy feathers make them look, Frizzle Chickens are actually quite calm in demeanor.

5. Faverolles

This is the perfect all-in-one breed. Not only are these chickens extremely friendly and well-mannered, they also are egg-cellent egg producers!

6. Brahma

These gentle giants are fluffy as can be. Their large stature makes it difficult for them to fly – these birds have been known to get up to 18 pounds! Regardless of their size, they are great layers and very docile in nature. Who could resist those fluffy legs?

💡 Tip: The larger your chicken, the larger the egg! With huge breeds like Brahmas, we recommend jumbo egg cartons.

7. Pekin Bantam

Another fluffy footed bird, Pekins come in a variety of colors and patterns. The breed’s most defining (and adorable) feature, however, is the feathers that grow down all the way to the feet.

8. Hamburg

The black and white version of this lovely breed looks spotted, almost like a dalmatian! While they are one of the more striking breeds visually on this list, they are not as cuddly as some of the others. Still, they tend to get along well with other members of the flock.

9. Polish

This fluffy breed is bursting with personality. Their most notable feature is their huge crest of feathers. They are very sweet and charming birds, although their limited vision sometimes gives them a goofy demeanor. They can be strong layers, but it is never guaranteed.

10. Plymouth Rock

This cute breed is extremely popular with backyard chicken keepers. Their distinct black and white feathers are also very soft to the touch, especially in the stomach region. They are also hearty layers, averaging about 200 eggs per year (or 4 per week). For a deep dive into this breed, click here.

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