polish chicken standing on grass

If you are looking for ways to ~hentertain~ your flock during the warmer Summer months, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most popular Summer boredom busters for your flock including trick training, frozen treats, & more.

1.Frozen Watermelon / Frozen Fruit

Just like us, our chickens can get pretty hot on a warm day. To keep your flock cool and entertained, freeze up some watermelon (or any chicken-safe fruit) chunks for them in water. It is absolutely delightful to watch them peck away at the ice block, usually for at least a couple of hours. Not only will they have something enriching to focus their energies on, but this yummy treat will help them stay both cool and hydrated.

2.Colorful Toys

Chicken toys could be used specifically as Summer boredom busters, or any season in truth. However, Summer is probably the best time of year for your hens to comfortably use these enrichment items out in the nice, warm sun. The Egg Carton Store offers a bright yellow and green chicken swing that is a favorite amongst backyard chicken enthusiasts! Other popular toys include hanging xylophones & small mirrors.

3.Extend the Run

If you live in an area where it’s not safe or possible for your chickens to free-range, a run is a great option to help them get outside more! The Egg Carton Store offers metal run extensions for coops that will give your chickens anywhere from 3-6 feet of more roaming/foraging area. With more space to explore and more bugs to find, this Summer boredom buster will have your chickens busy for hours on end.

4.Spruce Up the Dust Bath

Dust baths are another natural chicken behavior that is great for the physical & mental health of your flock. Dust baths help alleviate your chickens’ feathers from oil, mites, and lice. Just like a clean shower makes us happy, dust baths make your hens happy. It’s also a great way for them to get out of the coop and stretch their legs.

Having a designated area for this behavior will be more beneficial on your end, since dust baths create holes in your yard. Just a tip, sectioning off a specific space for this will keep things neater & will help your yard be safer to walk around!

If you want to make it extra luxurious, consider sprinkling some diatomaceous earth into your hens’ favorite dust bathing areas. D.E has been known to defend against parasites and worms when rubbed into feathers.

5.Auto-Door Train Them for Sleeping In

Would you like to sleep in a few extra hours before letting the hens out? Automated coop doors make it easy to open and close the coop from the comfort of your own home. It might take a few rounds of using the door with you and the chickens there together. You will need to show them that when the door opens, it’s time to go back in at the end of the day. Most chickens pick this up very quickly and it shouldn’t take much training on your end.

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