Spring Chicken Coop Makeover: Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Coop


As the weather warms up and Spring starts to arrive, now is the perfect time to give your chicken coop a fresh and vibrant makeover. A well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing coop not only enhances your backyard but also provides a happy and comfortable home for your feathered companions. In this blog post, we’ll look into DIY ideas to spruce up your chicken coop this Spring season.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint:

Idea: A new coat of paint can breathe life into your coop. Consider painting the exterior with your favorite color to complement your backyard. Choose non-toxic, chicken-safe paint.

DIY Tip: Before painting your coop, clean and prepare the surfaces by removing dirt and loose paint. Use brushes and rollers made for outdoor use, and allow for plenty of drying time between coats.

2. Coop Decor:

Idea: Add decorative elements to your coop to give it an appearance that is unique to you. A few things I have seen over the years include colorful wind chicken swings, hanging treat basket, mirrors, or musical instruments like xylophones for them to peck at.

DIY Tip: Get creative with upcycled materials or crafts to make your own coop decor. Not only will that make your decor 100% unique, but it is better for the environment, too!

3. Window Boxes and Planters:

Idea: Add window boxes or planters with vibrant flowers or herbs to the coop’s exterior. This not only adds visual appeal but also provides fresh greens for your chickens to snack on!

DIY Tip: Make sure your planters have proper drainage and to choose chicken-safe plants. Herbs like mint, oregano, and basil are not only safe but also beneficial for your chickens.

4. Functional Upgrades:

Idea: Spring is an excellent time to make functional improvements to your coop, too. Consider adding nest box curtains for your hen’s privacy, installing automatic feeders or waterers, or improving ventilation.

DIY Tip: Research and plan any structural or functional changes carefully. Ensure that all additions are secure and won’t pose safety hazards to your chickens.

5. Cozy Coop Bedding:

Idea: Refresh the bedding inside the coop for your chickens’ comfort. For more information on chicken coop bedding, check out our guide “5 of the Best Bedding Options for Chicken Nesting Boxes“.

DIY Tip: Regularly clean and replace the bedding to maintain a clean and healthy coop environment.

6. Repairs and Maintenance:

Idea: Spring is the perfect time to address any needed repairs or maintenance tasks, since the weather is more agreeable. Check for leaks, fix loose boards, and reinforce any weak areas in the coop’s structure.

DIY Tip: Prioritize safety and functionality when making repairs. Address any structural issues promptly to ensure the coop remains a secure home for your chickens.

A spring chicken coop makeover is not only about looks, but also about creating a safe and comfy environment for your flock. These DIY ideas for painting, decorating, and improving functionality can make your coop a welcoming and functional space. With a little creativity and some willingness to put in the work, your coop will be ready to shine this spring, providing a beautiful backdrop to your backyard and a happy haven for your chickens. Happy coop DIY-ing!