Small Business Success (Part 3)

The last leg of our small business blog series takes us to the final question from my introduction blog. Under the 3 main questions small business owners ask themselves, one of the most important is “How can I be unique?” Uniqueness is very important in the small business market because small businesses exist to fill niches and find success in areas where other businesses don’t. Often times when I go to the store and see a new product on the shelves I get frustrated and think “Why didn’t I think of that?” Sometimes the best new ideas are the simplest as well.

Fortunately, as a small farm owner this last part is much easier because small farm owners often take pride and passion and put it into their work. This means that often times people innovate and come up with new ideas to improve efficiency and make their product better because that’s what they enjoy to do. As times and technology continue to change, make sure you take advantage and share it.

Just this last week I picked up a new printer for our office at The Egg Carton Store. I was intrigued by how my printer can wirelessly tell the manufacturer when it’s low on ink and it can mail a new cartridge right to the door! Technology can do some very cool things in any market so be sure to take advantage of it. Unfortunately on the farm it little bit different of a story because from the last I’ve heard you can’t yet mail eggs to customers… Although that does sound pretty neat.

Beyond making a unique and creative farm name and slogan, a unique product is where the magic happens. Fortunately there are things such as custom cartons, custom farm stamps, and custom eggstamps that all fill the same purpose of making a farm and their eggs unique. Custom cartons can harness countless ideas to display your eggs in a cool new way varying from bright farm colors to your unique farm name and slogan. The much cheaper alternative lies in egg stamps as well as custom farm name stamps can help advertise and get customers thinking about your farm and your eggs. Basically anything you can do to project your own unique farm in the best way possible.

Although I’ve tried to avoid sounding repetitive through this series, it is necessary that I echo that in this modern era of the internet and social media – make a social media page! There are so many easy ways to do it and share your farm experiences such as through here on blogger, on instagram, or facebook. The coolest part is you can follow, share, and connect with other farm groups and most importantly the farm fresh enthusiasts.

Us over at The Egg Carton Store welcome conversations on our facebook page where we like to hear what the community has to say. There are just way too many potential customers who would love to fall in love with your farm and become loyal customers to your company, so don’t pass it up. I know I wrote about it under marketing but it makes a business unique as well to see your happy chickens going about their day. It also allows more distant customers to get a glimpse into the works of your farm business

With a little bit of brainstorming, you can bring out the whole lot of hard work you put into your farm and personal small business. It’s been fun writing what I know about the works of business in the small business marketplace as well as on my experience working with farms here at The Egg Cartons Store. Stay tuned for more future blogs!