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Want to get your own backyard chickens, but not interested in getting them shipped from online hatcheries? Check out these 6 helpful tips for buying chickens and chicks locally. Find chickens for sale by word of mouth from local farmers, utilize free resources, and more!

1. Reach out to Local Farms through farm directory websites

The most hands off way to adopt your own chickens locally is to reach out to nearby farms directly. Even if they don’t outright state that they sell pullets, hatching eggs, etc, asking never hurts! Even if they don’t have any chickens to sell you, they may know of another farmer who does.

The easiest way to reach a lot of farmers all at once (rather than painstakingly searching through Google) is to utilize a free farm directory like Farmers will have all of their contact info organized neatly in one place, making it a breeze for you!

2. Talk to farmers at the farmers’ market

This is another easy way to ask around for where to buy local chickens to as many farmers as possible. Be mindful that they are working during markets, so may not be able to help you as much as some of the other options on this list.

If you don’t want to ask to buy their chickens directly, consider asking them where the farm sources their hens from. Although online hatcheries are popular, it shouldn’t take very long to find a local option.

3. See if there are any upcoming poultry shows

Poultry shows are a fantastic way to source birds, and to learn more about them! As you’re attending, ask around and do some networking to find out where people are getting their birds from.

Not only is this a great way to find a local hatchery source, but you’ll make some great contacts for your future farming questions! is a great resource for finding Local Poultry Shows in your state.

4. Check your local Wilco/ Tractor Supply

It is nearly impossible to resist the baby chicks when they show up in the Spring at Wilco/Tractor Supply!

This may be the most hands off way of all to acquire chicks without needing to ship them – they’ll even box them up safely for you at the store.

5. Depending on the time of year, head to the state or county fair

Many state and county fairs will host their own poultry shows. Just like the poultry shows mentioned above, these are fantastic places to meet people in your local agricultural community and get info on local hatcheries!

6. Call your local animal shelters/humane societies

Animal shelters aren’t just for cats and dogs! A quick google search should let you know which of your local shelters allow hens/roosters. Be warned, you’re likely to see many more roosters than hens, but they’re out there if you’re willing to dig. By adopting from a shelter, you’re giving a bird a new chance at a home and a life!

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