Best Ways to Save Money When Keeping Backyard Chickens

Invest in quality materials that will last

Nesting Boxes

Although it is possible to build nesting boxes on your own, they often do not last more than a few years and are made of wood (a material known to attract various mites & pests). It is far more economical in the long run to invest in a quality metal nesting box that will last for decades if taken care of properly.

This metal nesting box comes with plastic nest bottoms and perches already included.


It is both economical and sustainable to invest in a one-time purchase of plastic nest pads that simulate straw and other bedding materials. Plastic nesting pads are easier to clean – just hose ’em down! They will also need to be replaced far less often than traditional bedding like hemp or straw, which lasts 4 months at a time at most.


Using a well-made feeder with a rain shield will save you money on feed in the long run. Although feeding your flock from a shallow bucket can be economical in the short-term, feed may get soiled in these open canisters. This makes it susceptible to spreading various mites and parasites to your hens.

Keep pests at bay

Pests can cause a lot of trouble for chickens, including hefty medical bills and reduced egg production rate. Avoiding pests altogether is the best thing you can do to save your business money in the short and long term.

Quality Pest Repellents

It’s easier to avoid pests than you’d think!Spray some Healthy Pen in the coop to deter pests and mites from your chickens’ home. It’s also helpful to use plastic or metal nesting boxes / bedding, which do not harbor bugs unlike other common materials. Lastly, you can deter pests & mites by sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth on the floor of your coop. (No worries, it’s perfectly safe for chickens!)

Dust Baths

Dust bathing is a natural practice for chickens that helps wriggle out loose feathers during molting season. It also is great for deterring pests and mites. Sprinkle a little Diatomaceous Earth into your hen’s favorite dust bathing zones for added protection.

Free range!

Free ranging = free food for your hens! Not only is free ranging good for the wallet, it’s great for your chickens! They’ll get access to high quality grubs, weeds, and any other yummy items they can find in your yard.

Hatch your own chickens

One of the most expensive parts of owning chickens is acquiring the chickens themselves – especially if you like more rare or exotic breeds.

Check out our guide to hatching Spring chickens to learn how to hatch your own chickens if you don’t know how. Not only will this save you money, but you can sell additional unneeded chicks for profit!