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8 Unexpected Customers of Farm-Fresh Eggs

In recent years, the demand for fresh, local eggs has skyrocketed. In this post, we’ll explore some unexpected customers of farm-fresh eggs, and hopefully inspire you to expand your business to new customers you had never considered before!

Urban Foodies: City dwellers are increasingly seeking out farm-fresh eggs. The events of 2020 brought the local food movement to the masses. The trend toward organic and locally-sourced foods has home cooks in the city flocking to farmers’ markets and local farms to savor the rich flavors and vibrant yolks of eggs laid by local hens.

How/Where to Market to Them: Advertise your eggs to urban foodies through social media on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as these audiences often look for high-quality, locally sourced products online. Additionally, consider partnering with local food influencers and collaborating with restaurants / specialty stores known for their commitment to fresh, sustainable ingredients to reach your target urban audience.

Home Bakers and Chefs: Professional and amateur bakers and chefs understand the importance of using high-quality ingredients, and farm-fresh eggs are a top choice. They appreciate the rich color, superior taste, and superior binding qualities of these eggs in their culinary creations.

How/Where to Market to Them: To effectively reach home bakers and chefs, consider advertising in culinary magazines, on cooking websites, and through food-focused social media platforms like Pinterest. Additionally, collaborate with local cooking schools or host workshops and demonstrations that showcase the versatility and quality of your eggs, connecting directly with this enthusiastic and discerning audience. Many local news stations have food-themed segments, so consider contacting a news station with your idea.

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Health Enthusiasts: Health-conscious consumers are making farm-fresh eggs a dietary staple. These eggs are often considered to be more nutritious than their store-bought counterparts, with higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Some people even consume raw farm-fresh eggs for their perceived health benefits.

How/Where to Market to Them: To reach health enthusiasts, focus your advertising efforts on wellness and fitness magazines, websites, and social media channels where they often seek nutritional information. Highlight the health benefits of your eggs on your labels, such as their high protein content and essential nutrients, to attract this target audience looking for wholesome and nutrient-dense food options.

Egg Artisans: Crafters and artisans have discovered the artistic potential of eggs and eggshells. Delicate, hand-painted eggshells and intricate designs have become popular in the world of egg art. These artists often seek out unique and exceptionally pretty eggs to use as their canvases.

How/Where to Market to Them: Advertise your eggs to people who enjoy crafting with them through creative and DIY-oriented platforms like Pinterest and craft-focused blogs. Showcase your eggs as the perfect canvas for decorating and crafting, and consider collaborating with craft influencers to demonstrate unique egg-based projects that engage this artistic and imaginative audience.

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Educational Programs: Schools, nature centers, and educational programs are increasingly choosing farm-fresh eggs for educational purposes. Eggs with visible yolks and shells provide an excellent opportunity for hands-on learning about biology, nutrition, and agriculture.

How/Where to Market to Them: To effectively advertise eggs to educational programs, consider reaching out to school districts, educational publications, and websites focusing on nutrition and food education. Emphasize the educational value of eggs, showcasing their role in teaching about nutrition, sustainability, and food preparation, to align with the curriculum and goals of these programs.

Pet Owners: Pet owners who feed their pets raw diets, may opt for farm-fresh eggs as part of their pets’ nutrition. The high-quality protein and nutrients in these eggs can contribute to healthier pets.

How/Where to Market to Them: When targeting pet owners, explore opportunities to advertise in pet-related magazines, websites, and forums where you can emphasize the nutritional benefits of eggs for pets. Additionally, consider partnering with local pet stores and veterinary clinics to promote eggs as a wholesome and affordable dietary supplement for pets.

Egg Collectors: Egg collecting is a hobby that has gained popularity in recent years. Enthusiasts collect eggs from various bird species, including chickens, ducks, and quails. Farm-fresh eggs, often with unique colors and patterns, are highly sought after by collectors.

How/Where to Market to Them: To reach egg collectors, explore advertising in collector-focused publications and online forums where enthusiasts gather to discuss and share their collections. Emphasize the uniqueness of your eggs, whether they come from rare chicken breeds, have distinctive markings, or are sourced from a farm with a compelling story, to pique the interest of egg collectors.

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Soap and Cosmetics Makers: The natural properties of farm-fresh eggs, such as their emulsifying and moisturizing abilities, make them a valuable ingredient in handmade soaps and cosmetics. Some artisans use eggs as a key component in their skincare products.

How/Where to Market to Them: To effectively target soap and cosmetics makers, consider advertising on platforms like Etsy or craft supply websites, where these artisans often source high-quality, natural ingredients. Highlight the purity of your eggs and their potential applications in soap and cosmetics, emphasizing their role as a fresh, locally-sourced, and nourishing ingredient for these creations.

Farm-fresh eggs have evolved into a sought-after commodity, attracting a diverse range of consumers with varying needs and applications. Whether it’s the allure of superior flavor, nutritional benefits, artistic possibilities, or educational value, farm-fresh eggs continue to delight customers from all walks of life.

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