5 Unique Ideas to Market Your Egg Business in 2024

1. Do a product demo

We both know how and why your farm fresh eggs are better than store bought – but your customers might not!

One of the most important things you can do to get your point across quickly is to show rather than tell. Most cheap store-bought eggs have a weak yellow yolk and cloudy whites, while most farm fresh eggs have golden yellow yolks, clear whites, and the occasional pretty pastel shell.

So, if you can afford to sacrifice a few eggs, gather up a few customers at a time and point out these visual differences. While you’re cracking the eggs, you can also explain how your business is family owned and operated, how much better your flock is treated than factory birds, and any health benefits your eggs may have.

Who wouldn’t be sold after all that?!

If you don’t want to contribute to food waste, consider cracking a few in separate bowls and then scrambling your eggs after the demo. Free samples are always a hit!

Depending on how many chickens you have, you may simply not have enough eggs to make this a possibility. If cracking open your inventory doesn’t work for you, keep one open carton of eggs on display. This will allow you to show off pretty egg colors (which always draw lots of attention!)

2. Invest in attractive packaging & displays

Like we said before, it’s always better to show rather than tell. People are extremely visual and will always gravitate toward eye-catching designs over the same boring packaging and displays that they see again and again.

This doesn’t mean you have to do anything crazy – in our 40 years of experience, we’ve seen super unique packaging that utilizes resources you may already have. Here’s a few ideas to get started:

  • Hand draw your farm name / logo on your cartons
  • Use leftover twine or ribbon to tie onto your cartons
  • Create a hang tag with spare manila folders or boxes that you have lying around
  • Use clean hay in each egg cell

It also may be worth investing in a custom label or stamp to give a homey, small-farm feel that keeps your customers coming back for more. Plus, these items are low-cost but will make your business appear a lot more professional.

3. Create a subscription plan

There’s no better way to ensure consistent sales (& income) than by setting up weekly, monthly or yearly subscription plans. Many online platforms like Shopify or Wix offer simple ways for you to charge customers a monthly fee.

How do you get customers to sign up for your farm’s egg subscription plan?

  • Scarcity: Highlight the fact that subscription customers are guaranteed their share of eggs every [week, month, year]. Make sure to let all of your customers know that there is no guarantee there will be enough for everyone every week, unless they are subscribers.
  • Values: Are you a small family business? Is your farm Veteran owned and operated? Is your flock pasture raised, or fed exclusively organic feed? Whatever special features your farm offers, make them known! This will add more value to your subscription plan if customers are fully aware of what and who they are supporting. Now’s not the time to be shy!
  • Discounts: Make your subscription plan a little sweeter by providing a discount or special offer if a customer signs up. One option is making the subscription cheaper per dozen than it would be buying individually. Another option is to give your customer a free gift when they subscribe. Try to make your free gift another product that you sell besides eggs – if they like it, your free gift could result in more sales!

4. Take advantage of free digital advertising

Even if you don’t sell your eggs online (most farmers don’t!), the internet may be the best place to find new customers.

There are so many free options out there. The more places you put your name out there, the higher the likelihood that people will find you!

Here’s a list of a few places you should be listing your business:

*IMPORTANT: If you don’t put effort into these listings, they won’t get you very far. Spend a little time adding multiple photos, describe your products in detail, and explain your story to stay relatable & friendly. It will pay off greatly!

  • Google MyBusiness Listing: This is a free tool for everyone with a registered business and is extremely easy to set up. You can start to get reviews on your products, which goes a long way when trying to gain new customers.
  • Bing Places for Business Listing: This is pretty much the same as a Google MyBusiness listing, but for Bing search engine users. If you get your GMB listing set up and registered, you can migrate all of your information over to Bing’s platform at the click of a button, and you’ll be all set!
  • Local Hens: Local Hens is a directory exclusively for local farmers. Customers who are visiting this site are extremely likely to complete a purchase from you, because they’re already on the hunt for fresh, local food. Additionally, if you have a farm website & social accounts, you can link to them directly on Local Hens.
  • Local Directories: There are plenty of non-specific directories you can list your business on and attract more eyes. Try adding your business to directory pages on your Chamber of Commerce’s website, local farmer’s market pages, radio show websites, and anywhere else you can think of. Don’t forget to check local Facebook groups as well!

5. Think Outside the Box

Are there local businesses or organizations you have connections with that could use farm fresh eggs? While it may not seem like it at first, really try and think.

To get a head start on some ideas, check out our blog “5 Unexpected Places to Sell Your Chicken Eggs”.