sell eggs in larger volumes to these business types

5 Unexpected Places to Sell Your Chicken Eggs

Want to expand your egg business beyond the farmer’s market / your own farm store, but not sure where to start? Try reaching out to these 5 types of businesses to increase your egg sales & stimulate your local economy! If you want to to sell more eggs, these businesses may be able to partner with you.

Local Bakery/Coffee Shop

It’s no surprise that bakeries go through plenty of eggs – they’re an important ingredient in cookies, cakes, bread, and many other bakery food staples! If you have enough laying hens to sustain the high volume they’ll need from you, this is a great option.

The bakery will be able to include locally sourced products as part of their value proposition, and you’ll be selling a LOT more eggs – a win win!

Plus, you may get some of their customers coming to you to purchase eggs if the bakery promotes where they are purchasing their ingredients from.

Selling at higher volumes will require additional egg packaging materials including boxes, trays, or flats, depending on what your individual situation requires.

Local Restaurants

Similarly to bakeries, restaurants tend to go through a high volume of eggs, regardless of the type of food they’re serving.

They also benefit from sourcing local ingredients, so buying their eggs from you vs a big box store will benefit them greatly. If you also raise meat birds, this is a great opportunity to up-sell your products!

Local Gyms

This segment may be harder to break into, but it will be worth it if you can do it right! Most gym-goers are health conscious and want to eat whole foods.

You know the benefits of farm fresh eggs vs the ones you buy at a large grocery store, so try and emphasize this in your advertisements at the gym. While we don’t recommend interrupting anyone’s workout for a sales pitch on eggs, many gyms have bulletin boards to post your business card or flyer.

Local (& National) Artists

Eggs are a surprisingly popular artistic medium – they can be used to make blown-out eggshell ornaments, mosaics, jewelry trays… the possibilities are endless!Just check out this search for egg shell art on Etsy and you’ll see how versatile they really are.

Collect your ‘fairy’ or ‘fart’ eggs that won’t be used for food, blow them out, and sell them online for an added revenue stream. It also ensures that nothing goes to waste!


With the right packaging materials, you can sell your farm fresh eggs online! Since eggs need to stay refrigerated (and are also quite fragile), this can be tricky – but well worth it if you are able! This will increase the number of potential customers you have far beyond the farmer’s market.

Bonus: Giving Back

If you find yourself overrun with eggs and unable to sell them all (or eat them all yourself), local food pantries are always in need of eggs. While not profitable, this is a great way to give back to your community and reduce food waste.

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