Need unique gift ideas for the chicken person who has everything? These 5 backyard chicken gift ideas will surprise and delight even the most seasoned chicken tender!

Custom Vehicle Magnet

If someone you know has a business selling eggs, broilers, or any other chicken products, this is a wonderfully unexpected gift. Many folks don’t realize that vehicle magnets are even an option for them, but they’re one of the best ways to market local products (especially if you drive a lot!).

With the vehicle magnets we offer, you can customize them to include a business name, phone number or email, and any other info you’re interested in advertising around town.

Custom QR Code Sticker

Just like the vehicle magnets, these custom QR codes are a lifesaver for local advertising! These are great to stick onto business cards, flyers around town, your packaging – anything, really. They make it easy to get customers to your online store or order form. Again, if your loved one has a business selling chicken products, this backyard chicken gift is going to be an unexpected favorite!

Link the QR code to a farm website, social media page, Local Hens Farm Profile, or any working link on the internet where you’d like to direct your customers.

Chicken Shaped Bag + Coin Purse

This backyard chicken gift isn’t so useful for the chickens, but is is a lot of fun for their owners. Modeled after the popular Rhode Island Red breed, this matching rubber bag + coin purse never fail to light up a room!

DIY Feeder Kit

If you know a chicken keeper who is passionate about sustainability, this is a great gift option. This DIY feeder kit allows you to turn just about anything into a chicken feeder. We have seen customers use old storage tubs, bonfire barrels, random buckets, and more. It is fun and easy to put together, too!

Coop Camera

For the truly chicken obsessed, this coop camera allows you to spy on your flock all day long. We offer solar powered and WiFi powered camera options, so there should be options that work for everyone.