5 Kid Friendly Chicken Keeping Chores

If your little farmhands want to get more involved with chicken-keeping chores, check out this list of 5 kid safe jobs they can do to help!

1. Collect Eggs

This is one of the easiest jobs for kids to do, and it can be really helpful! This chicken-keeping chore works for just about any age group. Send them out with an egg collecting basket and have them collect in the morning or evening. If they’re young, make sure they know to place the eggs gently so no breaks happen!

2. Give Treats

If your children are very young and not able to do any other chores on this list! Have them throw treats to your flock – it’s a great way to get them comfortable around your birds. They can throw the treats from a distance at first, and gradually get closer as they get more comfortable. Just be wary of any mean roosters who might chase your kids around for more treats!

3. Clean Out Nesting Bedding

This is a great chore for older kids who are more comfortable around your chickens. The frequency of the chore will depend on whether you use straw/wood chip bedding or plastic nest bottoms. Either way, it will probably end up being at least a weekly chore. This will also be great for getting them more confident in the coop, so eventually they can be responsible for cleaning the entire thing!

4. Feed & Water Chickens

This is a great daily chore for kids of just about any age. Have them scoop the appropriate amount of feed into your feeders as needed. Make sure they don’t overfeed the flock!

Water will probably need to be refreshed daily, and can be added to your water dispenser via a hose or by carrying over a bucket of water and dumping it in the waterer.

5. Freshen Up the Coop

Once your kids get comfortable with cleaning the nesting boxes, having them freshen up the coop every couple of weeks is a great farm chore to add to the rotation! Have them scoop out chicken poo, sweep the floor, and sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth to keep mites at bay.

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