Ayam Cemani

This rare Indonesian chicken breed is well known for its black skin, feathers, meat, and even organs!

This breed has been used all over the world, as early as the 12th century. Their all black look (inside and out), makes them stand out to many chicken keepers.

Dong Tao

Also called a dragon chicken (so cool!), this Vietnamese breed is pretty rare, especially in the states. This interesting looking breed has a distinctive look with large, swollen feet.

These are so rare, they were once bred and raised almost exclusively for the Vietnamese royal family to eat. Nowadays, they can be found around the country on the day of the Vietnamese New Year.

La Fleche

This rare French breed is dual purpose, making them ideal for both egg & meat production. They’re estimated to have been around since the 15th century.

Sadly, like almost all French breeds, their numbers were severely diminished after WWII.

While not as gaudy as some of the other birds on this list in terms of looks, this bird was famed for many years for the quality of its meat before WWII.


This Turkish crested chicken is an ornamental breed above all else, with their distinctive feathers and fluffy feet. Originally kept in the gardens of Ottoman palaces, these birds are now most commonly used in poultry shows. Seeing this breed in Western countries is not impossible, but it is definitely rare!